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Blaming the Victim


What’s making me want to holler this week – still! – is the truly astounding lengths that people seem willing to go in defending the murder of Trayvon Martin. What does it matter that he was suspended from school? How is it relevant that school officials found a plastic bag with traces of marijuana? Did Trayvon brandish an empty plastic bag? Did he threaten George Zimmerman with his school suspension notice?

What’s even more galling is that nothing about this is new. This “what did he expect, dressed like that?” attitude. This digging into the victim’s history is the same tired old tactic used for years to bully rape victims while excusing their attackers.

Over and over, Zimmerman apologists have picked up the refrain: “don’t rush to judgement.” I can’t help but notice that nothing about this has been rushed. Police found a man with a gun standing over a dead body.  A rush to judgement may have led police officers to arrest that man. Instead, over a month later, George Zimmerman has not been arrested. He’s not released on bail. Not even released on his own recognizance. Instead, he is holed up somewhere waiting for things to blow over.   I trust that so much attention has been drawn to this case that it will not go away quietly.