Monthly Archives: February 2013



It has been a minute since I blogged anything, I could say that I’ve just been so busy with school that I haven’t had a chance to write anything that I wasn’t getting graded on or that wasn’t a ministerial requirement in some way. But that would be only half the truth. I have been extraordinarily busy, but at some point, I just completely lost my nerve. I convinced myself that I didn’t have anything important to say. And the longer I waited to write something – the more important that next post needed to be. Despite the fact that the whole point (half the point?) of beginning this blog in the first place was to get myself in the habit of putting my voice out there.

Today, I heard some good advice (I’m paraphrasing): If you want to make some changes, you have to do something different. Actually, I have been hearing this advice in all kinds of ways for a while, but sometimes I don’t listen, so…

So, this is my something different. I’m just sharing whatever new insight comes my way, at least once a week. And it probably won’t always be the most brilliant thing posted ever ☺           Hmmm, last week, somebody told me that I need to give myself permission to not do everything perfectly all the time; but I didn’t really listen at the time.

And the week before that, a whole bunch of people kept telling me that I have to let go a little and have some confidence in my voice. They were talking (ostensibly) about my singing voice – so I didn’t really listen to them either. Instead, I induced a truly embarrassing personal crisis – complete with moping and lots of crying. But then yesterday, I joined the choir. Go figure.

Doing some things differently. Shaking things up a little ☺